Thursday, September 28, 2017


This is my old blog and I have made some changes here and there, in the way of organisation mostly. There will be no post and all the thing that you want to read is on 'PAGE' page. I have come out with a few pages namely What on Earth, Appreciation of Poems, Travelogue, Reviews, Tarbiyah and Down to Memory Lane. Here is a little description about each page;

Most probably updates on what's happening around me. There is no post yet in this page. Will be posted one soon.

This page contains a collection of poems that i wrote on my own.I just love Lit..

Most of the time whenever I go for a travel I love taking pictures and keep it so that i can share with others the story behind every pictures that I took. Besides, I also learnt a lot of thing through my adventure inside and outside of Malaysia. Travelling is indeed a good thing to do. You will learn a lot about yourself. I will insert a few tips too.

Different people have different views even on the same thing. In this page I will point out my personal view on book that i read, song that i listened and movie/tv show that I watched. I am a very picky person (in the sense of choosing book,songs, movie). Therefore, the thing that I am going to review will probably the one that I can stand to read,listen or watch. Hence, this might help you to decide whether to go (read,listen,watch) for it or not. No worries, you can leave your comment if you want to.

I will post everything that I think will value others. I'm not going to give opinion on any fatwa or what. Just sharing a good thing. So that every of us can enter Jannah together. #sharingiscaring

This page is a collection of my previous post taken from the very first time i start this blog. The content mostly resolved around me as secondary school girl at the all-girls school somewhere in Malaysia. You will spot a lot of grammar error, unstructured sentences and what not, and the major reason why i don't edit those mistakes is because there are a lot. So, whenever you read the post on this page, don't judge me for the grammar mistake. I was to young,too dumb to realize.. hakhak.. Anyhow, this is a leisure reading. One more thing, I compile this for my own sake too. I love keep track of my memory. It is fun to remember how stupid and immature I were back then. And also people around me who somehow being one of the reasons I become who I am now. With that, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE AWESOME!!

And Insyaa-Allah most of the time the posting will be written in English. Why? Because I need to practice and improve my English (writing). And you should too. Even though English is our country second language, nowadays it is prominent to at least know how to use it. If you somehow spot any grammar mistakes, you can leave your constructive comment. I am still learning though. Once again, this blog is opened for leisure reading and browsing. There will be no factual information that you can find in here. Just a normal typical me who want to share with others on how I see the world.

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